Healthcare access is one of the most important issues that our citizens face. The Affordable Care Act expanded coverage and reduced the number of medically uninsured individuals, however many Marylanders remain underinsured and cannot afford essential services such as dental care, hearing aids and co-payments for ongoing rehabilitative treatment and prescriptions. We need to implement safety net solutions that work, and that people can get to. My goals are to elevate the
congressional conversation to a level that incorporates the multiple facets of healthcare, to pursue action to reduce health disparities and expand not only access, but also the scope of covered


We must provide our youth with the essential tools for success grounded in comprehensive educational fundamentals. Our schools need to be safe centers of academic excellence with up to date, accurate resources and sound facilities. Our teachers and support staff need to be supported and listened to. We have an obligation to ensure that our students have adequate readiness to learn and are not fearful in their transit to and from school. The cost of higher education and
training programs should not prohibit individuals from pursuing their dreams. Quality education has to be attainable so as to position our youth and returning learners to be poised for infinite possibilities and opportunities. The future of our country is dependent upon the quality of education we provide.


Transportation policy focused on equitable access, safety, reduced traffic congestion and sustainable models that can be replicated, especially in topographically diverse regions such as the 7th Congressional District

Pervasive water quality problems ranging from water treatment facilities, runoff, decaying and outdated pipes, and contaminants in tap water

The “digital divide” must be conquered so that all citizens of our district have affordable broadband internet access.  This disparity has coalesced rural citizens, minorities, lower income individuals and seniors into an underserved and frequently overlooked group of residents of our district.

Let’s build something together.